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A Sasuke CG Collab i did a while back
with Fisharoo

Original Image:

[Image: page01tm2.jpg]
That's pretty awesome man. How long did it take to do all that?
~4-6 hours for each of us
Dang I would lose determination to quickly to finish it. You have given me a great idea now too. I am going to post a funny naruto pictures topic to post pictures of naruto. Now to post Big Grin

Nevermind I don't know how to put pictures on a reply post
[img]image url here[/img]
I see. So we just have to put the code in? I will do it upon my return if no one else has. For now, see you later.
Wow, that's a great picture Arctic. Though we've only been open for a week, you already have a reputation as an amazing graphic artist.
Heh, thanks Smile

and yep, you just need to put the code in
that is really nice!!
sweet u sure have talent.

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