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Poll: Will Brook join the crew
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42 89.36%
5 10.64%
Total 47 vote(s) 100%
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Who thinks Brook will be joining the crew?
i have heard mixed thoughts but i think he will
he has a big fight in the TB arc and he is a musician
what does any1else think?
He will surly join he fits the profile.
Tragic past? Ticked

Weird? Ticked

Can fight? Ticked

Musician? Ticked

Yes I think Brook will joined, he fulfilled all the requirements
He already joined o_O

I'm not kidding Tongue
i sure think so.. but i don't want to.. it kind of bores me to know of 2 swordsmen in the crew -_-

also, i don't hope that the crew grows any further now. like that small powerful 600mil. belly group Big Grin

I think he definitely will join because Franky Robin and Luffy already like him hes a musician and hes strong! i know it will be kinda awkward for Zoro but i think it will work somehow!
Double post >_>

like i said, HE ALREADY JOINED.

luffy told him to join his crew and brook said sure.
Oh yea!! wait didn't he unjoin though?
I don't think it'll be weird with Zoro. I'm willing to bet that Brook has some sort of special ability which makes him seperate from Zoro's ability to just be a swordsman. I'm sure Oda has already thought about this and has figured out a way to counter this....or maybe he's just planning on letting Zoro and Brook duke it out for the title Big Grin

Either way, i doubt it'll hamper the manga by having 2 swordsmen.
to bad, i was hoping the new member would be a beautiful full frontal mermaid singer girl. Ah wel, here's hoping for the future

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