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new added manga suggestions
Ga-rei and soul eater are very good manga's I'm in.
...isn't Soul Eater already on the site?
Soul Eater is already on the site ....maybe >.>
I support Ga-rei .....
....and some of the mangas you mentioned arent scanlated.
Yeah it
i check, it is on the site
i know this is kind of hard to think of, but do anyone know of a shounen manga that have some sort of ancient chinese setting and something to do with the main character being part machine with the power of magnet and a fugutive of the king. don't remember the title but i also one of the manga i would suggest. so if any one know just post title on here and i'll see if that's it.
never mind i remember what it was, its on the list now, sorry for all the trouble

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