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New forum is down
lol, so has there been any word from greg or anyone else?
Not that I know of. I get the feeling Zabi doesn't even know yet or doesn't care much if he does know. Either that or it is a lot harder to fix than I think it is.
it seems to be hard to fix
well thanks for letting me know (that there's nothing to know)
It would be nice to know if they are at least in the process of fixing it or not. We don't even know if Zabi is working on it or if he even knows about the issue.
well I'd like to assume that someone is trying to think of a solution at the very least

but yeah, we haven't seen anything to indicate progress
Zabi's probably chilling in China or wherever. "OMF? What the hell is that? An emoticon?"

lol relaxing on a beach somewhere sipping his favourite cocktail with some babe beside him (Zabi is a guy right?)

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