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Favorite Bleach Character.
I wanted to know which bleach character is people favorite,most hated,and a characters whos attacks you like. My favorite character is captain Hitsugaya. My least favorite character is The commander captain of the first squad i hate him he is strong but never fights. And a character i dont really like but i like there attacks is ikkaku i like his bankai.
Don't know if english is your natural language or not, but try writing using good grammar, punctuation and make it more comprehensible.

Favorite: Ulquiorra .
Least Favorite: Tousen
Attacks: Hollow Ichigo
I have found that my favorite characters are Captain Hitsugaya, Captain Urohana (sp?), Zaraki Kenpachi, his vice-captain, and basically the whole 11th squad.

I dislike Ishida, Kurotsuchi, Gin, Tousen, and the two third seats of 13th squad.

I happen to like Soi Fon's attacks without particularly liking her, and the same goes with Inoue.
Fave character :renji

Least fave: Byakuya

fave attacks: Orihime's
Favorite characters: Of course Ichigo, main character. I also like all the Shinigami captains, Urahara, and Yurouchi, Rukia, Orihime, Grimmjow, and Ulquirra.

Least Favorite: It's gotta be Uryuu, Renji, and Urahara's crew
Favorite character: Urahara

Least Favorite: Tousen
Favorite: Captain Hitsugaya

Least Favorite: The Arrancars Yammy and Szayel Aporro

Favorite Attacks: Hitsugaya
Fav: Ulquiorra, Gin, Tousen, Aizen, Don Kanonji
Least Fav: Orihime
Fav Atk: Aizen's Spell - Black Death Box
fav- ichigo, orhime(get married with ichigo dammit!!), ulquiorra and ishada (wats wrong? his taste is just fine)
least fav- ganz (8th espada)
fav attack- getsuga tenshou
Fav; Hitsugaya or Renji
least fav: orihime
fav attack: byakuya

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