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I want to make a request!
yeah I realize. quite sad actually
Poor Jack T_T lawl. What sections do post in the most on the new forum?
I used to post all the time on the games (similar to how I've been posting here) but that stopped in January when someone reported us and the mods had to get more strict with us

no I just stick to a select few groups
Reported you for what? In the game section lmao.
for chatting/spamming there. the guy who reported us reported the whole game (approximately 70ish pages) and probably more than one game too
you remember what happened back in January? well I was a part of it
I don't remember but I'm guessing taichi was the instigator lmao
no, taichi wastaking a break at the time.
it was me and 4 other active gamers that had decided to go all out in the games, specifically the How Well Do You Know... game. We were trying to spam it past OM's record (177 pages I think). From October~ til January we were constantly spamming that gamepast 40 pages every day til AYAME made a new thread for it. It was also a great way to meet other members and just get to know them (sorta like the SoT except better IMO). Life was good til we got reported. Now we get infractions for starting up conversations there ;_;

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