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Shirosaki Taicho (otherwise known as Kurosaki Ichigo's darker/Hollow side)
I feel it's necessary that we identify this person ASAP. he may not have an actual name so I thought until then we of OM-forums can name him Shirosaki Taicho for the following reasons.
  1. Reasons for the Taicho part:
    1.his speech about the "King & The Horse" gives me a convincing idea that he is/was superior to Kurosaki, growing on ichigo's powers on a much greater span. considering that Taicho means Captain I found it fitting to that his first name be as such since it also rhymes with "Ichigo"

    Reasons for the Shirosaki:
    1. rhymes with Kurosaki
    2.Shiro=White,white terrain+saki>>=Ichigo's polar opposite!

    okay now that we've got that outta the way start spaming about how awesome Taicho is. because I'm sure as hell he has fanboys.
Well i hate the aptly named "taicho", because of him zangetsu is no where to be seen.
I like the name Shirosaki but Taicho? There are too many taichos in Bleach already, that might be confusing.

Anyway, does anyone else think that back then, when Shirosaki took control over Ichigo while he was with the Vizard he kinda looked like a released Arrancar? Probably doesn't mean anything, just wanted to say that...

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