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Chapter 276 (spoilers)
Gahhh! And here I thought the battle w/ Renji and Ishida in it would be done, but the guy survives... and, unfortunately, the only glimpse we get of Ichigo was him laying on the floor with Nell and Grimmjow hovering over him. So suspenseful, so suspenseful.
Zael should either die or retreat already..., hies screentime have been too long.
And 3 last page only for Nell calling out Ichigo's name..., kinda lame...
Feels like these past chapters going on for too slow...
I think that was a pretty good chapter. It can't be action action action all the time. That was a good transition into Grimmjow and what he has planned. He obviously has some plans for Ichigo and he didn't try to kill Nell, he just said "Get lost, kid" so something is up with him.
Is he Gonna rebel?? o_O

or is he just going to take him to Orihime, heal him, and fight him at his full strength?
Yeah that's what I am thinking Sparks. Does Grimmjow have a secret agenda involing a coup. If so, will he teach Ichigo how to control his Hollow or if that's not it he problably wants to fight Ichigo again and doesn't want to waste his time with weaklings.
Yeah, and then there might be a reason of defeating that blind guy. cause he chopped his arm off...
You mean Tousen.

Well, I guess the favor Grimmjow asked Orihime earlier was about healing Ichigo.
Then he already knew Ichigo's going to lose.
That's true... it's probably that reason
Probably yes, he'll take Orihime to heal him so he can get a rematch later, he's more or less the same type of person with Kenpachi (as Tousen discribed).
As for rebel/coup...?, somehow I think that all Arrancars wouldn't have the guts to defy Aizen...
Grimmjow already did.. when he took the other arrancar down to the earth...

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