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Tessai, Jinta and Ururu
a.k.a. Urahara's sidekicks. What do you think they are? Humans? Ex-Shinigami like Urahara or are they artificial beings created by him? Especially Ururu makes me doubt they are something normal. Almost killing Ichigo and later beat up an Arrancar.
I always had a feeling that Ururu was Kisuke's first Gigai experiment. it seemed obvious from her first reaction to new characters like Kon and hollows and Ichigo and Arrencar.
yeah, i think urururu...wha? is a gigai thingy
I'm rather sure Gigai's are temporary bodies for soul-reapers whom need to be in the chill from kicking hollow ass. Urahara was banned from soul society on two accounts. one is for discoving the basic formula for making hollows with shinigami powers and another was for making a Gigai that couldn't be detected by from soul society, a "Human-shell" if you will.
It'd be nice to know what Jinta and Ururu are, but I feel as if we won't ever really know, seeing as how they're not important to what's going down nor has moments surrounding other non-human lifeforms even touched on they're relevance.

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