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Right, this is just a beginning of a nice discussion... CLAYMORE! If you havent read it yet, have a little look at onemanga, it has the 1st fifteen chapters, which should bring you in completely. Its set in a fantasy Medieavel world, where monsters called Yoma take human form and hide in villages, preying on unsuspecting victims. The Claymore themselves are female warriors, part-human part-yoma, who can percieve the hidden yoma, and are sent out by a shadowy "organisation" to hunt the Yoma with large swords known as "Claymores," after which they have been named. Its a bit gory, but very deep in many ways.

Now, for those who have already been converted Wink, ill start discussion with a quick question: whos your favourite character so far? Personally, mines Teresa: her incredible power, and lack of reliance on Yoma power, really makes her fantastic!
Now this is agitating... yet another amazing sounding manga! I'm up to around chapter 20 in D.Gray-Man right now, so I think I'm going to just add this onto my to do list [Image: baloon.gif]
I know the feeling... I have so much manga that I feel that I have to read. However, I have my final exams for this year coming up soon, and will be entering into my final year of school next year... real life always gets in the way! Tongue
Real life: the biggest drawback of the Internet!
As long as you don't neglect real life everything is fine hehe

As for the manga... sadly I haven't had time to read it fully myself T.T
So much filling to do... can't wait til I get it all done!
Yeah, from what I've read, it seems pretty cool. I hope I wans't the only one who was confused by chapter 15...


claymore is an addicting series i read up to 72 last night and couldnt get enough

does anybody know if it is an outgoing series?
It only comes out once per month, so you typically have to wait longer for releases.
i love claymore i have to say it is one of the only manga that has not dissapointed me so far. i hope it continues to do so. its a great manga with a lot of action i sugguest reading it if you like action.
If you mean ongoing series than yes, I'm pretty sure it is.  I read the majority of it on another site and the last one was put up about two weeks ago, so I assume that it is actively ongoing.

As for my favorite character, and though it may sound kinda dumb cus she was only there for a bit, my favorite character is the number 8 from the battle in the north with the windcutter technique, and I can't remember her name >.<

Though Isley is a very close second

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