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Coolest D. Gray Man Character
hmmp i dont like sasuke either, but for some reason i like kanda... i think is because he's not as emo as sasuke
yeah, hes more angry and less emo than sasuke
[Image: 79214.jpg]

Marian Cross he's ****ing awesome

Lets high jack this thread and talk about how ****ing awesome he is.

DAT CROSS [Image: 112hqmv.png]

Also I'm at the part where the Noah family is tracking him down, I hope  he  kicks their ***** while looking smexy at the same time.
Cross Marian truly is awesome, coolest character in the series.
Cross Marian too.

(I missed posting in D.Grayman section after the nonsense happening in the series.)
alan. he is the only character i know
Shame. I don't care too much for D Grayman, but Cross is awesome.
I don't either.

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