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Coolest D. Gray Man Character
i like all of them! - except for that sweet tooth guy and Millineum Count...

but i'm starting to dislike how lenalee becoming so uselessSad *sobs*
Lavi (tho im used to him being called Rabi cause of a diffrent translation...which i like more but whatever) is my fav, hes alwsome and wicked funny

Allen is my second fav followed closly by Lenalee
The Earl all the way. Just love to hate him.
lavi ofcourse
Timcanpy! its so cute, growing bigger and bigger.
one day itll definitely be as big as allens head! hahaha.

and whos cross agn? i forgot..
currently im reading more than 20 mangas and the only cross i rmb is frm 666satan..
and ya the cross in my name refers to him, too. xD
Cross is the General and Allen's master.
oh ya thks!
ahh.. i like cross's char.
i think hes. eccentric. \:
I think he's insane, but you know. xP

Lavi. Because...come on, he's Lavi! How can you hate the eyepatch?
for male i choose allen and for female i used to chose linaly but ever since linaly's hair is got short i like road
yup.. definetely Lavi^^

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