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364 Dicussion II
pein = storm = o.0
What if Tobi is Narutos father?O.O
Tobi isn't Naruto's dad because if he was Naruto would have sharingan, which he doesn't have.
........... yeah that was really not a very good prediction.... but pein could be... or he could be even the fourth just all screw up....
maybe is the 4th all screwed up
but wut if he's naruto's bro
That might be true but it looks like Pein has a kekkei genkai.
....... kekegenkai?? that would be cool... but i dont know... i think he can make rain or something.....
kekkai genkai? Jees isn't it obvious of what he does? He has a huge amount of chakra and being from Rain village he was well aquainted with rain jutsu. He can use his immense chakra to manipulate the atmosphere/clouds basically. lol I just felt like putting up a crazy theory I just came up with that is too unbelievable.

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