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Mx0 3
seriously...=.= that's wut im trying to say to #s
err sorry guy
i just woke up, at the time i wrote that

i said anime instead of manga
oh then yeah is ongoing and i dont see the ending any time soon.... so i think this manga would still take a while to end.....
This manga has taken 10 chapters for 2 days.
It takes three years for them to graduate.
From that i can guess that it isnt going to end any time soon.
hmm but i think there will be a time skip afterward..
Not every manga needs a time skip, look at ichigo 100% the characters get older and more mature with out you even noticing. Time skips are usually used when the mangaka isnt good at that.
Yeah but that's a differrent type of manga Mega. Naruto definitely needed one, because having chapters of Naruto just training would have been boring as hell, but even with that argument I don't think Mx0 will have a time skip, because it's not like they have to train. They just input the magic and all.
yes it's not like they'll go through all 3 years in the manga,although he might even get the official gold card when he reach sophomore.

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