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what devil fruit would you hav?
..............Just get back on topic. And the topic.

"What devil fruit would you have?" get back to that.
alright to get back on topic... i guess gomu gomu fruit cuz that seems to be most useful. wit long range and close combat moves, reduced damage and the gears. paramecium
but i already said my DF and no one explains theirs...i kind of explained one besides me even said parmecium,logia, or zoan....
the gomu gomu fruit is logia right
no paramecium....zoan is animals, logia is like ace/crocodile/smoker where they are the element, and paramecium is everything else
hmm invisible fruit probally is paramecium and yea i did explained mine...i said i would ditch classes if i have that DF...there..
thats right thanks got parameciem and logia mixed up. better update my earlier post then
well, compare buggy the clown with someone like crocodile
crocodile can split his body to a much much smaller scale than what buggy the clown can and crocodile has a lot of other abilities to so let's pity buggy for eating such an inferior fruit

i originally want an explosive fruit but it's taken by mr.5
then i thought of a fire fruit but it's taken by ace
then i went to a super speed fruit but cp9 seems to be able to be fast without eating fruit and so does most of strong ppl late in the story

so maybe i'll go with a fruit that can make clones like kagebunshin no jutsu
and be able to make my clone explode and stuff
Blaze Wrote:lol same here.. i took the whole summer watching so addicticed to both three...cuz i heard so much about Naruto and Bleach..i didn't knew One Piece was popular too but first i discovered bittorent and dled bleach 1-30..but then i thought again...and YouTube first popped out of my mine and i imidiately watch Bleach 1-3 patiently waiting for the dl to finish...but i couldn't resist i watched all night from 1-14...then later on i switched to Naruto and lastly One Piece where CN lefted off at that snow arc thingy...and skipped from 102-186 cuz the gap wasn't put on youtube yet so i had to skipped...

Youtube sucks... go to or When one doesn't have an episode the other one is sure to have it.
no it was last year where they didn't start deleting videos and yea cheese cake i wanted the clone fruit too..^^ would be pretty kool...i can ditch class and let me clone do the job then later i would call it back..and knows wut happen in class...

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