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Destruction of Uchiha Clan
Don't u think it's kinda weird that itachi killed evry uchiha cept sasuke.
like wouldnt some be on missions or might be stronger than itachi so they might have gotten away or something.
they didnt hav the MA sharigan as itachi did
n im wondering y no other clans helped them
I think it was because it all happened in one night, kinda in secrecy.
..... it is hard to believe itachi could have kill his whole clan but maybe he got a little help from someone else...
I think someone else killed the uchiha clan and Itachi just took the blame
I really ddoubt it considering what a genius he was and the fact that he had mangekyou sharingan
me too. sasuke walked in like right aftr itachi killed there parents and he had there blood on him too
i just said he could have a little help from someone else.... even though he killed his parents doesnt mean he killed all the others
u might be right. but he was a genius and had the... i forget the name... the cooler looking sharigan

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