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chapter 465
discuss everything about chapter 465 still readin' it =B

Edit:Hehe the fight is so

More edit:Erm right....Page 16 doesn't say anything..

Even more edit:Yeah...She got out of her freakin body?? >.> I guess it isn't possible for one or Moria's crew member...
Maybe a DF? Bake Bake No Mi or something like that, ghost powers.

Anyone else started humming the Sogeking-song all of a sudden? :lol:
Usopp is getting shizophrenic it seems. He's talking to Sogeking. XD
she does have a devil fruit,horo horo no mi(ghost ghost fruit) it was explained like a few chapters ago

gooo ussop and i was suprised sogeking made a suprise visit XD
lol so Ussop has split personality? he get smarter and braver if he has his mask on?
I'm pretty sure its just a one time thing...
yea it should be a one time thing....i think since his bounty is sogekings...maybe he thinks that he is stronger w/ the mask.....
although i guessed the 2 bodies right when she could go through things....i mean her hollow's could go through things so i assumed that this was another hollow
I have some kind of a deja-vu right now...
There are those Hollow-enemies and the good guy gets stronger after putting on a mask? Anyone else think his weapon is a released Zanpakuto? :lol:
its his bankai.....his shikai was the slingshot but now he has kabuto w/ dials....
Useless Wrote:its his bankai.....his shikai was the slingshot but now he has kabuto w/ dials....

You guys just have to make everything about bleach, don't cha! lol

And yeah I pretty much predicted that the Perona Usopp was fighting was just a ghost. though i got surprised that it was actually her own ghost and not just a copy.
well if it was a copy then she could make a bunch of them....and she wouldnt be able to use her mini hollows

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