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How to improve naruto(the manga)
The art could be fixed by adding more texture.

The story is pretty much a lost cause. It isn't terrible or anything, but a lot of the faults are long past fixing. The best we can hope for now is some cool new jutsus and a decent ending.
To improve the manga at this point ..... eh well Kishi will need to admit he was wrong in the direction he took the manga thus far, and maybe pull a backtrack to a certain point in the manga and say that what was seen was just an illusion or dream and then restart from there.

After that he could improve the manga by doing some better characterization on K11, Villains, and minor characters. Kill TnJ so it doesn't make us facepalm at every time it's used to makes things all sunshine an flowers. Take away these SSj wanna be power-ups. An make ninja's be ninja's.
This'll make things better.

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