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How to improve naruto(the manga)
Tobi was an inteesting twist indeed but not a very original one. Do we really need a 5th Sharingan? I say no.
no more uchiha
the manga has to focus on naruto and forget the uchiha alittle iam getting sick of sasuke and itachi and madara as well the manga title is naruto not sasuke
I think other characters need to be brought back in to the story. Anko is the only female character in the show you can call badass and she hasnt been seen in TS.
ditch the uchiha lot for sure, there annoying and whiney and just too emo.
make naruto more the focus of the story, also fill in background for naruto
stop naruto from always getting mad before he assess the situation
give naruto a move other than kage bunish no jutsu (sp)
let him kick sasukes ass for once
yeah i think so too. we have been to much of sasuke and his vendettas we should some more backgrounds on the other characters
i wanna see more of the tailed beasts
naruto needs 2 be more in the story
i hope he uses his brand new jutsu on Pein/Pain
you mean the rasengan shuriken thing?.... i never liked that jutsu i just want to see his summoning jutsu is been a while since i dont see him do it
my own list of how to improve naruto (that hasn't already been said, at least i think so):
1. akatsuki needs to show some dignity because they're members r weak, in the beginning of the manga it was more of like "OMG! It's the akatsuki!" along w/ other villians
2. since the manga is getting 2b to predictable now, kishimoto could add a little romance, just 4 a change
3. more team hebi moments (specifically karin/Suigetsu)
4. where is kabuto, the weird guy?
I hope we do see Naruto perfect the super rasengan the way it is supposed to be, and I don't really think any background for Naruto is necessary since we already know quite a bit about him. Also I don't want to see background for other people since this is about Naruto and that would just be frustrating.

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