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How to improve naruto(the manga)
1.Other characters need to be a part of the manga too ie:kakashi,naruto,sakura.
2.Bring handsigns back just like the begining of the manga Ie:the fight with zabuza
3.Stop the fanboyism(die sasuke)
4.Make the fights less predictable.(wow so sasuke can see chakra now)
5.Make the story less straightforward.(sasuke wins against deidara wow didnt see that coming)

What do you think post your ways for this manga to become better.
too much about the uchiha's not much about naruto...
naruto should have more than 3 jutsu's.....and some should be at least mid range if not long range...
i dont see naruto learning any jutsu any time soon but yeah that would be great....
maybe if the villains didnt all have sharingan....there was a reason kishimoto massacred them....the sharingan is too cheap...
We need more sexy no jutsu.
it wouldnt be bad if sakura didnt suck
and if every fight didnt end the same way....w/ a rasengan...oh im sorry....sometimes a shuriken rasengan...
SilverKunai Wrote:We need more sexy no jutsu.
The manga now is to predictable...
it would be great if naruto wouldnt act all the time like the nine tail...
and if he could use more than kage bunshin, rasengan, and sexy no jutsu...
and it sucks if only villians are dieing...
and the sharingan needs a weakpoint...
Well number 5 has already been answered. Tobi was a refreshing twist. Even if I dislike him turning out to be being evil. It wasn't expected.

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