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Is it just me or Ichigo is loosing his cool.... i dont know but he's becoming really lame, all talk and no action....
With zangetsu gone his badass side is gone, you see thats the problem.
well right now he's kind of like in balance with the two of them...
Well we need to tip the balance to get the kewl ichigo back.
i think is like this... zangetsu is ichigo's shinigami side and the inner hollow is obiously the hollow side.... he first was a shinigami so thats why he could see zangetsu so much because zangetsu had a lot of power... then when his hollow side became to grow his shinigami became to decrease meaning zangetsu was vinishing and he's inner hollow was gaining power.... so once he beat the inner hollow he made like some kind of light and dark balance between them allowing him use the zampakto and the mask at the same time.... this is how i see it =P
But to completly control his hollow side and maximize time he needs to boost shinigami control so that it is not even in strength.
thats because the holllow side is 'stronger' than his shinigami side... so to mantain the balance he needs to power up his shinigami form....
Exactly ^^
ok so we got to the point... thats good now we need a new topic...

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