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If you where A shinigami, vaizard or hollow/arrancar...
Arctic Wrote:Jonaling, the name looks like orgi.. which sounds like..yeah xD

You dirty, dirty dirty girl! Tongue

I think that the sword seems too... techno-based, usually these weapons are kinda traditional or monsterous, not something that could hack into my email account.
i'm a guy -_-
     Yep....awkward! Well actually my friend does remake Bleach fanart! She asked me if I would like a custom Bleach character! Of course I said yes. My characters name is Nagarashi Madara!
Type=Arrancar (should have done that first)

Height= 5'9

Hair= Long dark brown hair always in a low ponytail

Weapon=Giant Claymore/Guillotine sword

Mask=It curves up the side of my neck up to the face and around the ear

Clothing=Normal Arrancar colour, Long thin pants, High collared tank top(very high like Itachi high) and a red ribbon tied to hair

Shikai=Guillotine sword spilts into two long swords

Bankai=Two large Guillotine swords + inhuman super strength

Peace Out! XP
Arctic Wrote:i'm a guy -_-

Bah I guess your previous signature kinda threw me off... oh well no harm done Tongue.

Hrm... Manga-Otaku I thought this was a "If YOU were a..." thread, and not your character but why such a big sword? What exactly is the appeal of large swords? I dun like 'em, swift and agile is the way to play.
   Sorry I'm a total girl of strength I just love'em! I know swift and agile is everything. I'm just a total brute....*sigh* What would it be like to be a normal girl....

  I do love kantanas though! XD But ya The IF YOU part actually fits in! I actually wanted a character like this and my friend just wanted to bring it to life! Well actually draw it but whatever! G2G! See Ya!
excel-kleinwald Wrote:Bah I guess your previous signature kinda threw me off... oh well no harm done Tongue.

lmao just cause it had a hot girl doesnt mean i'm a girl Tongue
ummm..... wat is with this topic of being girls or not..... -_-
but the kanatnas form is a red phynix(screw my spelling im lazy =P)

i would draw it but im under tons of homework.... HATE IB
Don't worry....Guess what? My friend is creating her own Manga now!
I wish I could be more SELF confident.....Well she still getting up the big plan! She said I could help with the story! Yay Von! (Von is here nickname)
XPeace Out! I just hope it turns out well!
What is the name/plot of her work. I might be interrested in taking a test drive with it, so to speak lol.
Ok! Ok! I don't know exactly yet but Von wants ME to write most of the story...I need some Ideas! Crazy I'll try to find out more tomorrow ok? And I'll try to come up with something good!

I promise! XPeace Out!

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