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If you where A shinigami, vaizard or hollow/arrancar...
uhh lets see

Type: Vizard

1st form: regular katana

Shikai: kusari gama(2 mini scythes attached by a chain) has ability to damage souls(played down version of yammy's attack when he first appears)

Bankai: Full scythe rather than 2 small ones. increased strength and stamina w/ improved soul damaging attack with draining ability so when i hurt their souls i get healed

Mask: Covers all of face w/ 2 devil horns on temples

Mask Abilities: added strength/speed/stamina and regular hollow abilities like cero

Mask Control: 1 hour

Cons: The soul attack is weak and i can only cause fatal damage through contact

This might be too many pros but w/e....i'm this perfect anywayz!
Got bored so i decided to draw it out.

[Image: kimagure0003hp7.jpg]
first off..........okaaay, nice pic=D

-vizard(really popular)

first form - normal katana

shikai - looks smth lyk an umbrella, can control the earth freely, but not so powerful(smth lyk hitsuugaya shikai dat can only spit out the ice dragon 4 awhile)

bankai - cooler looking umbrella, can control the earth freely(super powerful) but of course needs source, one touch to the ground can defeat a whole army within radius(depends on source) by emitting spikes from d ground(fav skill)

hollow mask - his hollow side likes to take over and usually uses incomplete transformation only covers top left corner of the face (including eye), hollow side has no intentions on turning bad, juz wants to fite, but when his normal side takes over, its a normal mask dat only covers the face (his hair is too cool to cover)

mask control time - first try 3 hours, but now has not been recorded.

his sword needs source to fite(really powerful so balanced i guess)so when he doesn have any source, he muz depend on his hollow powers(cero and all dat) and sword fighting.
Vizards would be really popular, as they basically are Shinigami with even more power. More to write about and more strength, you see.
yep... but then again, arrancar are pretty awesome as well

lets say if there was a hollow that could merge bodies with a person
and it was killed while it was possesing a dead human's soul by a shinagami. and the boy was moved to soulsoiety and wanted to be shinigami cuz of the cute female shinigami that killed the hollow inside him.
but being from one of the poor estates, he sneaks into the human world by following 4 shinigami.(takes place exactly after aizen steals the item from rukia) Then a hollow kills them all except the boy cuz he had similar reitsu...
so his training began....

weapon: Ongi (bird demon form)(even though ongi means ogre)

original form-a realli long sword.. think sephiroth from ff7

shi-kai-sun spot (a cloud-strife like sword which can be split into 3 swords which can be used)

bankai- burning-sun fall (great-sword like but can create buring sword-like projectiles which disipate after shooting lasers. projectiles can be used as wings increasing his reaction speed(almost as fast as ichigo) and movement speed(if it was a fast as ichigo iot would be invincible so its not))

hollow release- sorta looks like wargreymon.... (i luved digimon~~)
hell... i ran out of ideas so ill just say hes alot like wargrymon

ill draw a picture later...
Arrancar, think of looking like Ulquiorra except my mask is broken on the bottom of my head so all you can see of my face is my mouth.

Sword form: just a normal katana
First released form: it extends into a Naginata/Halberd type weapon.
Second Release form: I become encased in an armor that allows me to fly and also acts as double halberd weapons as apart of my arm plates.

The form allows me the ability to also see everything Reiatsu and also see through illusions, weak points, and other strategic points of my opponents abilities because of my strange eye for detail...

Sounds kind of lame I guess but that is how it is, definately not ranked Espada but still useful for strategy and earthly missions and such. Former Espada mebbe?
The picture of me, shikai and bankai
i think id want to be like chad

a human with hollow powers..that would be dope
Jonaling, the name looks like orgi.. which sounds like..yeah xD

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