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Flame Of Recca
upload flame of recca its completed by snoopycool all chapters and i think theres a torrent out there that has all the chapters in a batch its a great manga sure to bring lots of fans happy
we already have MAR Heaven here..., it's the author latest work.
FoR been too old already..., I remember readin' it back when I was in high school, still have the entire volume in my bookshelf.
If you want to read Flames of Recca, you can go to

It's complete if I'm not wrong.
I already read it and marchen isnt the same as recca i dont see how how old a manga is can compare to how good it is
I would also like to see Flame of Recca on the site, i agree, its another great manga title. There is dragonball on it, and Hajimme no Ippo is also really old.
Flame of Recca was really good, and just because its old doesn't mean that everybody's had the oppertunity to read it, theres new people starting to read mangas everyday.

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