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how long can you go without posting on this thread?
thats odd... its like nobody else cares since one already posted first...
yes and that's me Big Grin
and i hate you for that reason

it didn't even last 2 minutes
lol atleast u tried..just make the same thread..but number II
.......It would've been something if I closed it so no one could've posted at all. That would be a record of longest non posted thread..
lol word....
if i amke number two, it will mean you can spam
well did u know the longest ever thread dat hasn't been post on yet is in the RP section? it's the "Seireitei Omake" thread..

Well Blaze, how do you know there aren't threads in hidden areas that have been around longer without a reply? And ha, I don't lose
sooo basically every person tht post
on this thread gets hated is tht it

I guess... so I don't post!
nope, just blaze Big Grin, yuou lot get off scott free

Boy I'm having too much fun doing this....

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