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Narutos parents
Most people wonder who is Narutos father,but I wonder who is his MOTHER.They did not mention her in the manga,and maybe she is alive and is somewhere unknown.I wonder why didnt someone mention to Naruto something about his parents,or maybe Narutos parents left him near/in the leaf village and are fully unknown.So many questions.......
I think they died in the fight with the Kyuubi.
Well...That is likely true...>.<
I wonder what his parents look like and what are theyre names....
There are many theories on this...some are believable, some are bull.

Some say Naruto's mother is some random slut of Konoha and Naruto was just born at the right moment.Others say his mom died when she gave birth to Naruto.

i heard tht the author is g2 reveal whos his dad
on chap 400 i think
i doubt thts true but juss gives u something
2 look forward 2 or not
i think tht naruto mom is a ninja
from a different village
Since naruto lives alone its most likely his mother died but i wouldt say at birth because a baby cant talk care of himself she probably had a termonal illness well thats my theory
id say his dad was the yodaime and his mom had died, so using naruto he hoped to save his village from destruction, and the 3rd hokage raised naruto
My own theory on naruto's parents: yondaime is of course the dad, either that or his relative but most likely his dad but his mom remains a mystery. I think his mom was a very elite/strong ninja who might have sacrificed her life for the village, like husband like wife.
I'm also wondering if blue flower-chan is Naruto's wife O_o. It would be weird having Yondaime as Leader and Naruto's mom as a member. But it would be intresting Smile
....did you just said she was naruto's wife?

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