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Psychic Academy
Psychic academy is about a boy, wich got choosen to go the psychic acedemy, cos people are thinking he got some psychic power...
he himself dont believes this, but anyways he wents to visit the school...
in school everyone thiks that he must be very strong because his elder brother is the strongest from the hole world...
in school he remeets a girl he knows and gets to know miu... who is a lil bit weird...
they have to pass the school and so on...
i think it one of the best mngas i've every read
eh, sorry for the long reply, busy day, its and ossu is a joint project, so u can also find their releases at one of the joint =D
thanks ^^
i saw the anime for it >.> it kinda sucked
personally i've read Psychic Academy and it wus a great manga. i dont see why it wouldnt be on here. plus i havent been able to finish it yet.

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