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Psychic Academy
Hey guys

i am new here, but i really like surfing on ur website. i started reading some of the mangas u guys are uploading...

i wanted to request the manga Psychic Academy... its a very good one...
and i wanted u guys to fill ichigo 100% and unbalance x 2 cos it havent been filled for a very long time...Big Grin

kizz Sad
and also 2 more questions

i would be very happy, if anyone could tell me if there are more than 10 chapters of b reaction or if they could tell where i could find this manga ^^

and i wanted to know if nobody is gona answer in this threads...
there are so many requests and noone is answering them...
just posting a shrotly answer, liek yes or no, or maybe... or maybe later...
I do hear it's a good manga...There's an answer from another user at least lol
lol yeah at least :nods:
hey suzuka, well...for ichigo 100%, it will be uploaded when we find the time or something >_>, but as for unbalance x unbalance, well, we got evry chapter that has been released so no fills to do, juz updates whenever the releases is released, and der is more den 10 chapters, i think its 18(complete), and its only 10 chapters now because the scanlators didnt release the scans yet, so, u have to wait for that too.

and...i dont noe bout the last question >_>
thx kyon for ur answers ^^
but i got another question...
mxo is released by ossu but i couldnt find a link so i would like to know if u could help me finding it since u guys are uploading this manga from ossu ^^
#7 to their site u mean?

well if the sites link is what ur looking for, well, sorry, they have a forum though, not a site, and they mostly do stuff and releases in their IRC channel =\
do you know the link to their forum ?
whats psychic academy about
pshchic academy is really good
i read it and i recommand it too
but i would of liked the ending a lil better and thts jus me

well its bout teens goin to skool wit powers like fire an ice an darkness u kno and training an stuff

jus look it up in wiki if u want to kno more cuz i dont really kno how to tell you

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