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Poll: Do you prefer your anime...
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48 90.57%
or dubbed?
5 9.43%
Total 53 vote(s) 100%
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For anime...
Subs most definitely.

Although there are a few good dubs out there, nothing beats the original japanese voices. The part I hate most is when they change the script of the anime making the personalities of the characters change drastically. Ah, and let's not forget the really shrilly squeaky voices the dubbers sometimes use for girls.

Ugh, I can't get over how 4Kids butchered One Piece.
I really prefer subbed, cause I think its easier to understand. And I dun like to hear the english voices... Its just wrong...TT_TT
Greg Wrote:Draik: Subbed are subtitles, dubbed are voices in english

Sorry, unconcious mistake. I must have been thinking about 'dubbed' but wrote 'subbed'.
i like subbed and everything but i prefer to hear to hear it in my own language especially when the voices are good like naruto and bleach
Greg Wrote:I changed it for you
haha well thanks alot sir
Hmm... I prefer subbed most of the time, mostly because it helps me pick up on traditional japanese culture and my hearing isn't the greatest. For dubbed, I only like dubbed professionally and usually when I am too tired to read Tongue. Yet! There are also times when dubbed can be an awesome experience to enjoy, especially when they pick just the right voice actor/esses, such as in Nurse Witch Komugi, I swear I fell in love with Komugi's voice! "Just call me mugi mugi Komugi!"
i really didnt mind dubs w/ naruto that much (even though i wanted to hurt someone when i heard "believe it!") but when i saw one pieces dubs i actually did hurt someone.
no blood, cussing(not necessary but w/e...), the deaths were "sugarcoated", and all the puns...they still haunt my dreams
ROFLMAO, that bad? Or do you take your anime THAT seriously?
I prefer sub usually over dub, especially when it's done by expert seiyuu. And then, one thing that I hate about dub is when those dubbed anime just decided to take the OST out from the respective anime (eg: One Piece & Digimon series) and replace it with their own crappy song.

And yes, One Piece dub is THAT bad, so bad that even someone in youtube decided to explain the whole difference. Not to mention, the dub even skipped some of the story arc.
i will usually prefer subbed unless the words are to fuzzy to see, and the dubbed sounds REALLY werid, but maybe it's just me ^.^

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