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For anime...
Bane Wrote:Also, One Piece has been taken from 4Kids evil graspes and will now be subbed by Funimation, starting at the Skypiea arc.
funimation does a pretty good job on there dubbs but others companies most are below par...subbs are the way to go just takes some getting use to in the begining
I prefer subbed as well. It's annoying to hear the crappy voices coming out from your favorite characters. And I'd rather spend my time reading the substitles than listening to the dubbed versions.

And yeah, most of the words are being changed.

I definatly prefer it subbed
along with foreign movies or anything that is not the original actor/ voice actor
i accidently clicked dubbed due to a brainfart at the moment
I changed it for you
lol everyone chose sub
Subbed, because everyone else picked it.
Subbed, because Funimation is one of the only dubbers who hasn't completly failed matching the characters mouths with the actual script.
Alot of dubs suck, really bad, I'm sorry, but its just an opinion.
Subbed!! once I heard the words 'beleive it' dubbed anime just lost all meaning to me they always seem to get the voices all wrong...and 4kids (aka anime's worst enemy) took out any form of Japanese culture of the animes they dubbed, made the jokes lame and stupid and took out anything remotely interesting. Anyway I learn Japanese at school so I don't need to read the subs half the timeBig Grin But its good with subbed I learn extra Japanese from what I learn in classSmile
While i'll admit there are a couple good dubs they just cant beat the original voices and when you get a dub you run the risk of things being edited out so i'll go with subs as their just better
Yeah, 4Kids really screwed One Piece up.

And the voices for the dubs are terrible. Luffy's dubbed voice is one of the most annoying of any anime character.

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