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For anime...
Would the cartoon channel be cartoon network?
I believe OP was grabbed by 4Kids

And yes, they completely butchered it with the massive censoring and editing/cutting.
hyko Wrote:I believe OP was grabbed by 4Kids

And yes, they completely butchered it with the massive censoring and editing/cutting.

Yep thats the tv channel. God i could kill those who did that too OP.
It depends, I enjoy the Bleach dub that's currently being done. I greatly enjoyed the old Yu Yu Hakusho (Probably the best one out there), since it's one of my favorite anime/manga. Some I loathe, mostly 4Kids.
Also, One Piece has been taken from 4Kids evil graspes and will now be subbed by Funimation, starting at the Skypiea arc.
i prefer sub anime because ususally the dubs are witht eh ****iest voice actors

for me subb is the best

because it keep the orgianal voice of the Jap. which suit the char.
also because i like to read what is going on

i agree with Bane Yu YU Hakasho was probaly one of the most greatest dubb other there.
Dubbed episodes of most animes aren't all that bad, but sometimes they really do screw up the whole franchise for a lot of fans when they have a laughable (and not the good kind) script and terrible voices.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen an episode of the subbed version of Bleach ?

I saw a preview on youtube and it seems like they used really heavy voices for a lot of the males; they sound more like thet're in their thirties with a real tone exgaerration
Draik: Subbed are subtitles, dubbed are voices in english
I personally don't care for most anime. If I download it off the internet I always get the dubbed, but if I'm in a store or buy the actual thing I'll watch it subbed unless the subs are just awful. I think dubing in America is getting much better and some shows I've seen actually sound better dubed than subbed, YYH being the popular example but also Cowboy Beebop is done really well.

I think it all depends on the show and which you watch first, because I can't watch some shows subbed, like Gundam Wing, because I grew up with the subbed, so...

I guess that wasn't that helpful Tongue

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