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chapter 464
well i jus dled it from mangahelpers and i gotta say its funny how it turned out XD

who knew absolm had the suki suki fruit (invisible fruit) xD
hehe Sanji probally wanted the Invisible fruit cuz he want to peep at the girls while they're in the shower...although it would be powerful if he has the fruit...i mean Invisible + Diablo Leg = Pwnage x)
yep, lol and isnt it suprising that 2 out of 3 of gecko morias top subordinates have devil fruits, maybe hogback has one XD
but Absolom is kind of weak...i thought he would be and maybe just maybe Absolom didn't eat the Invisible fruit..just some weird chemical or body part of his
yea it was kinda confusing as to how he turned invisible, frankly i never would have guessed it was a df ;D
well same here =] i thought it was because the body part is special
Well, It is made pretty clear that whenever someone has a weird ability it is most likely a DF. For instance when Luffy first fought franky, his first thought was that Franky had some sort of CF power, until he went in the canal and started swimming.

I really like where the Usopp/perona fight is going, she will be flying most of the time so Usopp will have to use long range, and who is better at long range than him? They will finally make him shine in a battle. Seeing as he has the upper hand on this one. And probably won't come out of this one with Bandages all over his body XD. (He will most likely get some on his hana (nose) though)
and yea ur right i can't wait to see Ussopp get better at fighting...
yea ussop ftw, tho he cant use his ussop hammer :\ unless he shoots it with his kabuto
i think his kabuto could add a sharp knife it can be long range/close range

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