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id say that chaojis innocence would go to him even if they are in a different dimension, maybe chaoji has a chance defeating tyki, i mean both allen and lavi are pretty worn out but chaoji could put up a fight
.... not really.... chaoji is pretty worn out himself....
Raijuu Wrote:well the road being alive is also a theory of how they could get out since road likes allen so much she might help him after all....
I doubt she'll help now cause before she left she thought allen had killed tyki...
but when she comes back she realizes he didnt...... also she left saying allens name... thats why lavi said "what did you do to that kid" and allen was like "meh..."
When we see her next I wonder if she'll be all burnt and junk still...
nah she can heal herslf remember....
She can?? I forget too much... But I wonder what ould happen to her if she went through whatever tyki is going through, shed probably be undefeatable...
she suppose to be one of the strongest so yeah she would be really powerful.... and i wonder how she would look like.... and also rmember the first time she meet allen? when she passed the barrier in the city she became like bones and then she healed back....
yea shes the first one to get her noah side so it seems she is pretty strong, i thought that the burnt body isnt really roads true body, didnt she say that
.... not sure but i dont think any of the noahs bodies are their real bodies...

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