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But dont they have to have their innocence on hand in order for it to work for them??
....... mmm... dont know is too wierd... i think if they are really connected they can use it without even touching.... also linalee has the innocence on her feets :grin:
well maybe your right, now that i think about it maybe its just reacting to chaoji so his hands glowed or something :x
anyway the point is that even if that guy gets his innocence he wont be able to defeat tyki and evrybody is going to die.... is as simple as that...
Seriously, that guy doesnt seem able to defeat tyki... they are all in a terrible situation... Unless someone comes to save them and apparently it wont be that general...
mmm... what about my theory from before... chaoji's innocence might be able to transport people to other pleaces....
But if he doesnt have that innocence with him then how can he transport them?? Unless you can use your innocence without it being near... but I dont know about that. And the ark is finally collapsing... and where did road go??
road died aparentely and the innocence might get to where he is... remember innocence could act at is own so if it can transport it will transport itself to where chaoji is and then he would be able to use it to go back =P
I dont think road is dead cause she kinda started laughing insanely and then disappeared...
But your right, if its a transport sorta innocence maybe it could transport itself to chaoji...??
well the road being alive is also a theory of how they could get out since road likes allen so much she might help him after all....

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