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...... errr well he should care... but he's just standing there watching the arc and saying how pretty it
^^ Exactly, hes not doing But I hope the next chapter gets better. I just want to see lavi or allen action, screw everyone else...:grin:
you know i never liked lavi... i thought he was always in the way... but i begining to get use to him at this point.... and i dont like that chaoji guy at all... so i hope lavi or allen just wake up and beat down tyki...
I think lavi and allen look too much alike... a little off topic but thats okay. I dont like chaoji cause he was mean to cute little allen!
..... yeah at first when allen and lavi were on the ground i thought allen was the other lavi :grin:
Lavis dream was confusing cause I couldnt tell i it was him who had died or allen... but I think allen is better then lavi, and hes so cute!! But you probably dont care about that...
But chaoji, is he naturally strong or something cause he like stopped those rocks from falling on lenalee...
i think he just felt the power of his innocence and thats why his power grew.....
So then wouldnt his innocence be like strength or something...??
.... not necessarly someone can use innocence to become stronger... just look at kanda he took some serious damage and he still could go on or crawdly...
i think chaoji's innocence has something to do with strength because you can see his hands glowing, i think a normal person would probably die? when hes holding a large piece of rubble

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