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And I really thought Lenalee would do something... well at least she kicked tyki!
hehe yeah that was fun :grin: but i think the only way for them to get out is if that chaoji guy does something because i cant say anything for the others and i dont think they're going to have any help any time soon...
I hope chaoji doesnt defeat tyki cause that would be stupid, I hope he just gets the others out of there...
.......... but how? ........... oh i know if his innocence has the power to transport or something... that would be helpful...
maybe that one general with the glasses is
g2 save them
but its gettn boring again 2 me
yea i doubt chaoji will stop tyki but he might help weaken him or something
like i said his innocence must be able to transport... but if not then i think he will just try to keep fighting tyki until someone gets there....
Where is the drawing general guy? Was he with them in japan cause I dont remember...
the old man? yeah he is right outside.... he came with kanda and the other guy remember.....
#20 not really, so maybe he can help? Though it doesnt seem like he cares does it? :grin:

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