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Favorite non-alchemist characther
I would have to go for Brigader General Hughes. He was such a funny person, and I usesd to crack up at scenes where he shoved a picture of his daugther under other peoples' noses. Ever since, I hated envy.
Greed he is just too cool for words.
Either Hawkeye or Hughes. Probably Hughes, as I was so bummed out that he died. But I would cry if Hawkeye died, too. So it's a toss up between the two. My least favorite would probably be Winry.
there's already a favorite character thread but whatever... general hughes... or ed.... i like them because they become funny in the most stupid moments....
these are NON alchemist characters...i like hughes...but isnt he an alchemist?
Hughes is dead......

Black Hayates all the way! That dog...
I know hes dead u big jerk XP But he WAS an alchemist so he doesnt fit in this topic...who WASNT an alchemist in this manga XD
hughes worked for the state but he wasnt an scheska way wrong spelling.....
the girl who read books....
hughes was the best.....and this wasnt in the actual thread but my favorite homunculi(sp) was lust....i dont know why though....
(bad spelling here!)
oh yeah right..... i thought it was an alchemist liking people then my favorite huges and envy... he's not an alchemist but he can transform in people so its cool....
damn Hughes rocks! sadly he died...when i watched the was kind of sad..

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