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Kill a characther... any characther
SilverKunai Wrote:....So if Sasuke was just emo, would we still want to kill him?
....hmmm, this makes me think...yes Id still want him dead.
Lmao rule broken! I warned you Excel...
..... sigh why even do this everybody wants sasuke dead..... anyway another i want to see dead and soon is kabuto he's giving me the creeps...
Anyone who puts oro in their body gives me the creeps...
thats my point since im oro and all it gets even creepier for me...
Ewww.....Me too like why would you want to put someone in your body or vice versa?
well iguess oro finally met his man match >.> i mean kabuto really wants oro...
Well...I wanna kill someone else.

I wanna kill Kon.

Why? Just to see what'll happen. If anyone's going to care if he's dead or not
ooo that would be good if kon was killed he was becomeing quite a hindrince lol such big words for me lol. hmmmm whos on my list i want to kill SAUSKE A HUNDRED TIMES OVER then run him over with my razor skooter >.>
I agree with Raijuu Sasuke and Kabuto must die.
They both are annoying and think that they can kill anybody they want to.

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