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Kill a characther... any characther
Ooo, Tenten, Id like to kill her too... and old neji cause he was too overconfident. Id also like to kill kisame... and I would like to rekill deidara cause if he killed tobi I would want him to die again only more slowly...:devil:
Seems that some people hate Tenten too. She was a little brat, I have to say.
Tenten is useless, but I would kill Naruto just to make things interesting.
Tobi because of how annoying he already is and his annoying potential.
Oooooooo! Excel-Kleinwald bad thing to say!!!! I would kill Juugo and Karin. Juugo needs to get a grip and Karin is stupid and needs to get a life. And for a finale I would kill Sasuke obviously....
Too bad Ma isn't on....since its a rule to not talk bad about Tobi...

Meh. I guess I would kill....Ino. Reminds me of Sakura.
excel-kleinwald Wrote:Tobi because of how annoying he already is and his annoying potential.
Rule #5!! Bad bad bad excel!! No saying bad stuff about tobi, just because he is better than you doesnt mean you can insult him...

Lets just face it, the only person who should die ten times over is sasuke!
Rules are meant to be broken, and I wish everybody would stop hating on Sasuke! Leave him be!!!
....So if Sasuke was just emo, would we still want to kill him?

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