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Kill a characther... any characther
MattC303 Wrote:Yes, but she was hotter than Sakura and has cooler jutsus.

Can't disagree, you got me there.
Madara we need Tobi back with his awesome Justu's like Frill Lizard.
ddboy102 Wrote:Madara we need Tobi back with his awesome Justu's like Frill Lizard.
That little Whac-a-mole jutsu was epic.
Can we team up to kill Madara? Please? [Image: aww.gif] [Image: aww.gif] [Image: aww.gif]

That, or hit him round the head real hard so "Tobi" becomes permanent [Image: aww.gif]
I concur, Tobi needs to come back as soon as possible. He would make a much more menacing villain. I mean, you can predict everything the mad megalomaniac who is revenge/"peace" driven will do, but you can't anticipate the moves of someone like Tobi, whose motivations would probably center around free candy and puppies or something like that.
Lot of Sasuke hate, usual *rolleyes*

I'd say some K11 characters should die (Shikamaru wouldn't hurt), and maybe a good number of minor characters. I mean seriously there's some many characters that Kishi doesn't use or develop despite trying to make them come off as important at some point. So killing a good number of them would really take a load off in that subject.
madara needs to realize he died years ago

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