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Arrancars 1, 2, and 3
...the EVIL old guys r always cocky...they ussually suck...the GOOD old guys are the wise powerful ones! Like dumbledore XD
i kinda have to agree wit that
spartan117 Wrote:i kinda have to agree wit that

Hell yeah man! *high fives*

x04ty29er Wrote:Ok. To clarify, here is a lost of the Espada and their ranks that have been revealed:

Ulquiorra: Number 4
Grimmjow: Number 6
Luppi: Ex-Number 6 (Deceased)
Szayel Aporro: Number 8 (the pink haired one)
Aaroniero: Number 9 (the one with the holed white mask)
Yammy: Number 10
Noitora: Not Number 1

Does that clarify things a bit?

You should add that number 9 had also taken over shiba kaien's body (or the body of the hollow that took over Kaien's body). If it was added already then I'm sorry.
Yeah well...I think we all get what the arrancar orders are now...
i think that one arrancar that was watching ichigo and grimmjow fight might be number five cuz she dosent look that strong
Really? I think the old guy is number seven, the lazy dude is number five, the black guy with the spikes on his head is 3, the girl is 2, and spoon head is 1....but im probably wrong...
hate to break it to u guys but this is the correct order
#1 Girl
#2 Old guy
#3 Black guy with white things
#4 Urloqe*sp*  *CONFIRMED*
#5 Guy with syth   *CONFIRMED*
#6 Grimm   *CONFIRMED*
#7 Lazy man
#8 Pink hair n glasess  *CONFIRMED*
#9 2 head white holy thing guy  *CONFIRMED*
#10 Yammy  *CONFIRMED*

oh and nell used to be #2

[Image: espadawb8.jpg]
Hate to break it to you but... those posts are three and a half months old...
And that's even wrong.

#7 is Zomari.
And Nell is Ex-#3.

You'd at least want to get everything straight when correcting a 3 months old post.

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