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Naruto Shippuden 15
Is here! Yay!
I cant find it... guess its not in direct download yet (I dont do the torrent thing)
The best place to check for anime is and I think is pretty good. Give me a sec and I will check out crunchy roll.

Nah it isn't on them yet, but maybe later tonight or else early tomorrow I believe
Ah... I was referring to DB
yay!! it was a good episode, aint even gonna deny it!!
I thought it was a pretty good episode! I have to admit though, when Sakura came out of Narutos shirt, I thought it was kinda funnyTongue
that was definitely funny!!
I think that the anime is showing that Naruto has improved greatly in intelligence... which I guess he has!
Heh, I guess I can't complain about the animation, overall it was a nice episode. Short and to the point, I don't think they added anything...?

And what did Naruto say when Jiriaya stated that the Rasengan was a technique invented/discoverd by the fourth?
He just stood there babbling, there wasn't a translation.
Its a good thing they didn't add anything because that irritates me!!

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