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What the hell is zetsu??
Since you guys go on and on about him in other threads discuss him here... does he have a byakugen ability, does he have some hidden power, or is he just a cannibilistic freak...??
He's just a clumsy guy who got stuck in a carnivore flower when he was a child. He became very emo, so he painted his body black/white. Very tragic...
i agree wif spade XD
in the naruto world, i think he was shunned by his clan because of his flower mutation thingand that because of this he developed two personalities
..... i wonder where is he from? anyway yeah he has his mysteries.....
He's from the hidden Grass village actually.......and obviously. Well I think he's just another misunderstood mutant....
Is he really from the hidden grass village?? I think hes just a spy, maybe he has a few good earth like jutsus, but I dont think hes gonna be a big enemy in the future...
isn't it obvious??? he invented some crazy jutsu that allows him to combine with a venus flytrap to form ZETSU....weird theory of mine ._.
....Is one side of Zetsu, Zet, and the other side is Su? Is that how his name formed?
That would be funny... I just wonder if hes in the split personality club with that big guy in hebi...

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