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Theres not many places online that you can get shoujo but you can try, you have to search through a whole bunch of files but I find a lot there. Also is awesome, tons and tons of stuff there...
Try subscribing to Shojo Beat. They have all the popular Shojo's and get a new preview for a series each month.
Special A - about a girl who is determined to be #1 but cant beat the real #1 because he is better then her at everything they do. Shes so obsessed and determined to beat him that she doesnt realize that he likes her...

Clover - A really weird clamp manga about a girl who can manipulate machines. The drawings are awesome.

Akkan Baby - I just started reading this. Its about a teenage indie music loving couple who do the nasty without condoms and then gets pregnant. Its hilarious!
..... i dont see anything hilarious about that but ill read it looks like fun :grin:
The things the guy does when he finds out he got her pregnant is hilarious... its a pretty funny manga.  :thumbup::thumbup:
Also the girl thought condoms were!
.......... no comment about the candy..... but that girl must be really stupid....
Yes and that is whats so funny!!:grin:
Hmmm, Are they any guys as the heroine In a Shojo? As the main character?

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