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363 Spoilers (pics-3,9,15)
First spoiler!

第362話 戦場の芸術
Chapter 262 Battlefield of Art

Front Page: A young Deidara smiles.
Earth shattering huge explosion.
Kakashi's group notice it and go towards it.
The scene changes to somewhere in the forest.
On one cylindrical tree's surface, a symbol rises.
The next instant, near the symbol Saske appears.(Yondaime's 瞬身 no Justsu?)
[I'm not sure what this is, I haven't kept up with this manga too well.
Shunshin no Jutsu or something.]
The moment of the Deidara's explosion, flashback.
Sasuke begins a union with the symbol.
"Now you're too slow to tie with that symbol! Yes!" Deidara. [I'm not sure
about this.]
However "N... Could it be that jutsu... Crap!" he said, and immediately
Saske disappears from in front of Deidara.
"How did that guy, that jutsu... At that time he withdrew his Sharingan
to preserve the end of his chakura." Deidara Self-Destructs
Breathing out, consciousness vague, Sasuke leans against a tree.
Kakashi's group arrive at the scene of the explosion.
"Something horrible happened here... That guy's (Deidara's face comes to
mind) jutsu? A shred of Akastuki outfit cloth is found by Kakashi.
"However, who on earth was fighting? Already the traces too..." He says.
There Tobi materializes. "Only Deidara-senpai died. Nevertheless
there are traces of the explosion."
Kakashi's group is surprised.

End of chapter.
#2!??!! That's bull. Please let Sasuke lose a leg or something Please.
If this is true I will be soooo mad!:mad:
wow, tobi and kakashi meet@@
i think everyone will be pissed except the sauske lovers. at least his consciousness is vague but there should be moooorrre
1 chap wouldnt move that fast
^it said that it could be the 4ths jutsu
Hmm.....Double chapter.....I guess the other half would be Naruto's group or something....unless this is the whole double. That would be a terrible double chapter.
LOL. That's all I will say to that spoiler. And MA there is an example of why I stopped getting these lol.
Its only tuesday guys, its not the real thing!:grin:

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