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d grey man
So the Earl is Grey? Earl Grey. Yeah, that was a bad joke.

Maybe it means Demon? Certainly would fit the Earl.
But wouldnt be a for akuma...
D can be death???
d. could mean destiny also
ooo never thought about that. how come no one thought about man who does man point out to?
um they did an 'ask the author' thingy early in the series, and she says she has no idea where the name came from. that its just an agglomeration of random things. [i think hoshino katsura's a girl]
She is a girl, she doesnt come out and say but I bet she is... anyway is it really true that the title means nothing, where did you get that info from??
its kind of pointless if a title doesnt mean anything.... and boring...
^^ But he never gave us proof that she said that...
dont worry he might found that out somewhere in a site about d.gray-man.... but yeah giving a name to something without a point is kind of stupid...

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