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xxxHolic chapter numbers
I somehow just realised I've run into some trouble while putting up the xxxHolic scans.

When I first put them up, I was starting with the newest chapters which was labels 124 and onwards.
However, when I went back and tried to fill it, I used the volumes numbers, which goes like, volume 1 chp 1-8 then volume 2 chp 1-7 and so on. At this time I hadn't realised that the numbering was different, since I didn't follow this series that closely.

I checked online and according to the weekly chapter releases or something there are suppose to be like 12 chapters in each volume or so. But given that there is never 12 chapters listed in the volumes, using the volumes numbering the number on the site is way behind the weekly numbering.

right now I just finished volume 9 and I'm only at chapter 58, instead of 108. So anyone following this series have any suggestions on what I should do???

uh??? i have no clue dude. an btw, the latest chapter scanned in has translation errors such as missing words or mistranslated words. but i think its fine the way the chapters are listed now so i think you should go back and just fix it. my 2 sense.
are u going to upload chapters 59-108?

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