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favorite character
who's your favorite character in this awsome series?
The Black hayate. That dog is just awesome.

And then Ed. Short but the most interesting.
what does short have to do anything. what does hieght count for???
It doesn't. Its just part of Ed's character.
well i say there is nothing wrong about being short.
My fave char is ed because hes only 12 and hes a state alchemist and hes very dedicated to helping his brother and bringing his family back together
Scar!!!!! Kicks everybodys ass, and even kills himself (lol, my hero) :lol:
Zoro Wrote:Scar!!!!! Kicks everybodys ass, and even kills himself (lol, my hero) :lol:

wait he doesn't kill himself???
Well, I mean during the creation of the Philosopher stone, that part really confused me. But yeah, I guess he doesn't kill himself, sorry bout that, my mistake.

Still though, Scar's cool.
i agree on that.

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