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Drop it on the user below you!
Maybe since I'm new here I can start a new game, hope you guys have heard of this one, it's a classic really. :lol:

Drop anything on the user below you, it can even be a person. Then the user below you has to figure out what to do with it, like typically if I drop a PSP, what would you do with it? So figure out what to do with the dropped item, then drop something else.

Anyway, I'll start:

*Drops Windows Vista*
*Destroys with the US military*

*Drops an empty bottle>.<*
*Returns empty bottle with a note asking for rum*

*Drops* (lol, wtf)
*uses to advantage to make $$$$* >.<

*drops bottle full of rum* Smile
lol *catches it and hands it to Jack Sparrow*

*Drops 4Kids*
*pwns it cause it sux*

*drops a sick cat*
*heal it*

*accidentally dropped Deidara's C4 Garuda*
*Runs away as fast as possible* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

*Drops Edward Elric*
*got pwn'd because calling him a shrimp*

*drop the oh-so-valuable philosopher stone*
*Brings Harry Potter and Edward Elric, and watch them fight for it*

*Drops the World*

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