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anyone else getting sick of the sharingan?
He seems to have more chakra than naruto with the kyuubi there is no way that he can be that broken.Imagine if he was in a game.
Im sorry I have no idea what you are saying??
Neither do i.
....This is a weird conversation... Back on topic: sharingan is the most powerful kekkei genkai, end of story...
iam getting sick of the sharingan the hell with sharingan the manga became about the sharingan not naruto
...ok vampire...I think we all stated that before XD
there needs to be a kekkei genkai more powerful than the sharingan
nope there doesnt "need" too... and for what ive seen there's not...
sigh...stupid sharingan...sasuke has so much pride, but he barely has any of his own skills...its all borrowed power...
It makes me laugh that there was a thread for this created in 2007... I'd be surprised if the person who made this thread still reads Naruto now that Sharingan is pretty much the most powerful thing in the world and central to the story. :lol:

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